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Samuel Dantowitz

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Growing up performing, Samuel became increasingly interested in how things worked both on stage and behind the scenes. This was no surprise as family members in various engineering disciplines surrounded him. He also took an early interest in technology and social media; at Berklee College of Music that gelled in his studies of Business and Psychology.

While at Berklee, Samuel took on the role of business manager for two of the school's a cappella groups: Pitch Slapped and Upper Structure, with annual revenues in excess of $20,000. Fall 2019, unprompted, he lobbied for and was given responsibility for hiring and organizing holiday music for the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, overseeing and casting 75 vocalists for 100 two-hour quartet performances and a $35,000 budget.

Though not an academic requirement, Samuel developed and produced two 1-hour programs of contemporary musical theatre duets. He cast instrumentalists, vocalists, and organized rehearsals for 15 and 26-person ensembles. This spring he plans to bring the performers from these programs into the studio to record an album.

As a Resident Assistant (RA) for Berklee Housing and Residential Education, Samuel became well versed in mediation and dealing with emerging student issues. Throughout his work as an RA, he's created many educational programs in the areas of personal finance, time management, stress, and social issues. This semester, Samuel is an Arts Administration intern at the North End Music and Performing Arts Center. Since 2017 he's also been able to blend in time for 5 am shifts at Starbucks as a barista.

Following Graduation from Berklee, May 2020, Samuel is exploring how he can apply his passion for numbers and business along with creative skills to opportunities in the technology sector or arts management, seeking that first "real life" job.

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